Why Scholarly?

Scholarly is hassle free allowing you to do more learning and less stressing
Spreadsheets, forms, files, and everything else that you use for peer tutoring is easy to get jumbled and confusing. Scholarly is one easy access source to organize everything!
Your administration has complete access to all sessions, students, statistics, reports, and scheduling options. Administrators have complete control over student accounts, including: disabling, blocking, or making them a tutor.
Current peer tutoring structures aren't flexible for the complicated lives of their students. Students that need to take the bus or work after school don't have the ability to participate. Scholarly allows students the option to have an online session with a tutor. Some students only need help a few times throughout the year, but peer tutoring clubs require active participation. Scholarly makes peer tutoring easily accessible in any case.

How Scholarly Works

A student posts a request with their: Class, Grade, Date and Time to meet, and Location if it's a physical request.
Your district's verified peer tutors can see the request and choose to accept it if they are confident in that subject and are available at that date/time.
The student and peer tutor meet on their specified date/time at the location. If it is a virtual session both will join the Google Meet that was automatically added to their Google Calendar. Their calendars will send them reminders of the session beforehand.

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Apple Scholarly
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